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Pre 4th of July Bash!

That's right - Partyology is BACK! Reina's bringing back your weekly dose of SWEAXY bad gyal style with the ultimate Partyology kick off. What a better way to pre-game for the 4th of July than dancing to the hottest hip hop, carribean and other sexy beats?! 

But wait, it gets better because this party is FREE! Space is limited, so reserving your spot is a must! We'll be giving away some awesome prizes. 

Now we'd normally show up for a 4th of July shin-dig in our normal red,white in blue, but because Partyology is all about THE CULTURE, we're gigging out, dressed in black with pops of color! Think Beyonce or Rihanna, or for the guys Jay-Z?! 

Are you ready to get your entire Partyology life? Save your spot here and see you at the pwar-dee!   


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